All the effects of CBD on the liver you need to know about

CBD also has positive effects on the liver, helps with various disorders and diseases, and is a natural substance that is well tolerated by people of various ages. CBD works precisely as an antioxidant and has a protective action on the liver.

Canapa sativa: properties and legal products

Canapa sativa is a variety of cannabis cultivated since ancient China; it is very hardy and adaptable, has long branches and bright green leaves. Legal hemp products are sold domestically and internationally.

Hemp oil (CBD) and its benefits for the intestine

Hemp oil (CBD) is a natural supplement that works as an anti-inflammatory and helps regulate and rebalance the gut and its functions by promoting microbial stability.

CBD vs THC: characteristics and how they work

CBD and THC are two chemical compounds that can be extracted from both marijuana and hemp. The former has no psychoactive effects, while the latter does. In this article we discuss all their differences.

CBD oil to treat epilepsy in dogs

CBD oil is a natural treatment to combat epilepsy in dogs and to help them overcome seizure-related disorders. Before administering it to your puppy, however, it is good to understand how it works and with what functions the organism interacts. 

Sexual effects of CBD: how it affects the body 

The beneficial properties of CBD also cause positive sexual effects that help to awaken or improve couple life. In this article we see how and why.

CBD dosage calculation for dogs: rules of administration 

The right CBD dosage for dogs depends on several factors including the size of the dog, the type of product, the CBD concentration and the disorder to be treated. Let’s see how many drops of CBD oil to give your dog and how to manage the administration.

CBD dose calculator: how much to take and how

How to understand the correct dosage of CBD? There are various factors to consider, including product characteristics and concentration, in addition to the subject’s personal factors. Let’s see here the right mode of use.

Qual è l’erba legale più forte nel 2024?

L’interesse per la cannabis ha raggiunto livelli senza precedenti. L’erba legale è un prodotto naturale privo di sostanze alteranti e molto apprezzato, si va alla ricerca dell’aroma più forte o del maggior contenuto di CBD.

How to care for oily skin: tips and effective products

Oily skin is a skin condition that can be treated and kept under control by recognising the causes and choosing the right products. Let’s take a look at a series of practical tips and targeted solutions for taking care of your skin.

Hair loss: causes, natural remedies and treatments

Hair loss may be a normal physiological phenomenon at certain times of the year, but we can still limit the loss with a few tricks. Let us look at the causes and remedies to take care of our hair and make it stronger.

Chapped and red face natural remedies

Advice and natural remedies for treating and disinfecting chapped and red facial skin. Discover the whole and external causes that can make your skin sensitive and act in the right way to preserve and regain well-being and beauty.