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CBD for Cats

CBD for Cats

Maria CBD Oil offers CBD products to support your feline friend’s daily health and well-being.
Each pet product is carefully crafted with quality hemp extracts derived from hemp grown and certified in the EU.

What are the benefits of CBD for cats?

People are often undecided about incorporating CBD products into their pet’s daily routine.

We have subjected the products to stringent testing to ensure your safety and purity through the use of 100% natural ingredients, free of toxins and THC that follow biological and pharmaceutical standards.

Here you can find out all the benefits of cannabidiol that will help you get your facts straight.

How to get your cat to take CBD

CBD treatment for cats requires doses of between 0.1 to 0.5mg per kilogram of cat weight. Individual doses may vary depending on the animal’s specific condition.

CBD oil should be taken orally by your cat or drops can be poured directly onto food.

È advisable to always start at a low dose or the dose recommended by your veterinarian.

Yes, more and more doctors are recommending its use. Cats’ bodies, in fact, are also able to metabolize cannabidiol, deriving benefits for the treatment of numerous ailments and the regularization of vital functions.

CBD helps your cat maintain a healthy daily routine by combating any state of anxiety and stress.

It also prevents pain, inflammation, lack of appetite and energy, cancer, heart problems, and seizures.

A large number of people have seen the first results on their cat after as early as the first month of using our products.

No, unlike THC, CBD or cannabidiol is a NON-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from hemp. Therefore, it does not cause side effects or altered feelings.

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