Buying our CBD products has never been quicker or easier. we have decided to minimise shipping costs so that you can have access to all our products even with a minimum purchase. All our shipments have a tracking number, which will be communicated to you when the courier picks up the shipment, so you will always be up to date on the status of your shipment. Below you can see our shipping conditions and the payment methods we accept: Translated with (free version)
COUNTRIES OF SHIPPING To find out the delivery times for your country of residence, consult the table below. If your country is not listed, it means that we do not ship to that country.

Delivery Time (Working Days)
Country Standards
Germany 2 – 5
Austria 3 – 5
Belgium 1 – 3
Bulgaria 6 – 12
Croatia 4 – 8
Chipres  4 – 6
Denmark 2 – 5
Slovakia 6 – 8
Slovenia 4 – 8
Spain 3 – 8
Estonia 6 – 8
Finland 3 – 6
France 3 – 5
Greece 8 – 12
Hungary 4 – 9
Holland 1 – 3
England 1 – 2
Ireland 4 – 8
Italy 1-2
Latvia 8 – 14
Liechtenstein 6 – 8
Lithuania 4 – 6
Luxembourg 3 – 6
Malta 8 – 14
Poland 7 – 12
Portugal 5 – 10
Czech Republic 4 – 6
Romania 8 – 12
San Marino 2 – 4
Sweden 4 – 9

* Shipping and delivery times
are approximate and cannot always be guaranteed, they can vary especially on days

PAYMENT METHODS ACCEPTED Maria Cbd Oil offers several payment methods. At the moment these are our payment methods:
CREDIT CARDS Carte di credito online Credit Cards: Visa and Mastercard When making payment, enter your credit card information. credit card. Nexi ( Italy’s leading provider of digital digital payment) will securely process your payment. We will prepare your order as soon as we receive notification of your payment.
BANK TRANSFER bonifico-bancario Bank Transfer After you place your order, we will send you an order confirmation email with details of our bank account and how you can proceed with payment. We ask that you make the payment within 5 days from the order date. After the 5 days have passed, we will notify you by email, if we do not receive a response and/or payment we will go to cancel your order. After making payment by bank transfer, we ask that you send a copy of the receipt to, indicating your order number.
CRYPTOCURRENCIES Cryptocurrencies We have decided to offer our customers the possibility to pay for our products through Cryptocurrencies as well. To do this we decided to rely on primary payment gateway for Cryptocurrencies.