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CBD Cannabis Flower Indoor

CBD Cannabis Flower Indoor

CBD Cannabis Flower Indoor

Erba Legale e Cannabis Light

What is needed for perfect Indoor cultivation

For perfect Indoor inflorescence cultivation, several steps are performed.

Searching for the most appropriate indoor space to start cultivation.

Covering the walls with reflective material to direct light to the plants.

Installation of an air filter
Installation of a ventilation system and an artificial lamp.

Cultivation of the hemp plant and final harvest

Why choose our inflorescences

Maria CBD Oil is synonymous with quality. We treat each hemp plant with care to ensure you receive a safe and valuable product. Crops are EU certified and comply with the limits and regulations imposed by the Law.

In our store you can find various kinds of outdoor inflorescences with different tasty flavors.


The term indoor means “under cover,” so it indicates a type of indoor cultivation that exposes hemp to artificial light on a continuous year-round cycle. While the term outdoor means “outdoors” and indicates the cultivation of hemp in an outdoor environment, exposed to sunlight without any kind of protection.

No, hemp is a 100% natural and safe plant. If used moderately it does not give any kind of side effect while if used excessively it can cause a lot of thirst and dry mouth. Sensation that passes after a few hours. The only caution is to avoid using legal weed in case you are taking medication, so it is best to talk to your doctor.

It is very rare to see from the analysis whether you have been using legal weed. Drug tests are very sensitive only to THC, which in any case is not detected as early as three days after intake. In Maria CBD Oil products, however, the THC concentration is really very low, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

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