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CBD: <18%
THC: <0,5%

Do you want to try a new sensory experience? Grand Reserve Super Skunk is a high-quality product. 

Super Skunk produces a very intense aroma, especially in the latter stages of the flowering period. It is unlike any other legal weed variety in the Skunk family due to its sweet, citrusy aroma, which combines nicely with the spicy, earthy base notes. Super Skunk has won awards and fans since its release in 1990.


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Visual Appearance

Grand Reserve Super Skunk is characterised by its fat, dense buds typical of indica-dominant plants. These buds show 80% indica and 20% sativa genetics, displaying vibrant colours and copious resin production. The compact structure of the buds, together with their lustrousness from the abundance of trichomes, gives this variety an inviting, high-quality appearance, perfect for cannabis connoisseurs.


This strain exudes an intense, sweet aroma with clear citrus and earthy notes that blend nicely with spicy undertones. Super Skunk’s unique aroma, inherited from her parent Skunk #1, is characterised by an intense ammonia scent, enriched with woody and cheesy notes, creating a complex and enveloping olfactory bouquet.


The flavour of Super Skunk Gran Riserva is surprising for its fruity sweetness, with clear citrus undertones reminiscent of orange and mandarin. This flavour, dominated by earthy notes with a hint of sweetness, offers a rich and satisfying taste, replicating the flavour profile in a consistent and enjoyable taste experience.

Benefits and Effects

This potent plant offers a combination of relaxing and stimulating effects that make it ideal for various purposes.

The effects of legal Super Skunk are known to be extremely relaxing, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. This can be especially useful for those seeking a natural way to relieve daily tension and promote mental relaxation.

In addition, legal Super Skunk can also have stimulating effects, increasing energy and improving concentration. This makes it a popular choice among those who want to stay active throughout the day without feeling overwhelmed or tired.

In conclusion, the effects of legal Super Skunk offer a unique mix of relaxation and stimulation. Experience it for yourself and discover how this strain can improve your daily well-being in a natural and exciting way!

Storage Tips

To preserve the integrity and freshness of Super Skunk Gran Riserva, it is advisable to store it in airtight containers in a cool, dry place away from direct light. This precaution helps to maintain the organoleptic and therapeutic properties of the flowers, ensuring that each use is a high quality sensory experience.

Hemp flowers from certified seed crops. THC content below legal limits. Use as per British law.

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