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This product is a real gem. The aromas of this product intensely evoke biscuits and, more broadly, a variety of fine pastries. When chopping a top of this product, light and delicate fresh nuances emerge, pleasantly evoking the scent of citrus fruits, especially the lively and refreshing scent of orange. This characteristic gives the product a particularly pleasant and appealing note, making it ideal for those who enjoy delicate and sophisticated flavours with a hint of citrus freshness.


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Visual Appearance

Cookies Kush presents itself as a jewel of the legal cannabis world, with buds that exude an aura of refinement and quality. This strain, the result of a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush, displays a dense, compact structure typical of indica-dominant varieties. Her buds are decorated with shades of dark green, enriched by crystalline trichomes and underlined by delicate orange filaments, which accentuate her visual elegance.


The aroma of Cookies Kush invites you on an unforgettable sensory journey, characterised by intense aromas reminiscent of fine pastries. At first encounter, it stands out for its main notes of biscuits, enriched by light fresh citrus nuances, especially orange. This combination creates a captivating and sophisticated olfactory profile, ideal for those who appreciate delicate yet distinctive flavours with a lively and refreshing touch.


On the palate, Cookies Kush surprises with its complexity, offering a taste that faithfully reflects its rich flavour profile. The sweet notes of biscuits blend harmoniously with the fresh and refreshing flavour of orange, creating a balanced and pleasantly sophisticated taste experience. This variety promises a taste that lingers, making it a must for lovers of rich and articulate flavours.

Benefits and Effects

With a high cannabinoid content, Cookies Kush offers a superior recreational experience, providing relaxing and narcotic physical effects combined with mental feelings of joy, euphoria and serenity. This strain is perfect for accompanying moments of relaxation, enhancing evenings or promoting deep sleep. In addition to recreational uses, Cookies Kush has shown remarkable therapeutic potential, effective in relieving stress, pain, insomnia, lack of appetite and eye pressure changes, emphasising the non-psychoactivity of CBD.

Storage Tips

To maintain the organoleptic qualities of Cookies Kush, we recommend storing it in airtight containers, away from light and moisture. This method of storage ensures the preservation of the aroma and beneficial properties over time, allowing you to fully enjoy the unique experience offered by this excellent legal cannabis strain.

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