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Bz Queen CBD Cannabis Trim is a renowned strain for its perfect balance between CBD and THC, providing therapeutic benefits without psychoactive effects. This product is distinguished by its optimal cannabinoid profile, ensuring a relaxing and pain-relieving effect. With a complex aroma and a rich taste, BZ Queen is ideal for those seeking relief from stress, pain and those wishing to improve their general well-being, keeping a full mental clarity. 


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Visual Appearance

Visually, the BZ Queen CBD Cannabis Trim has a colouration ranging from light green to brown, with traces of orange from the pistils. The presence of trichomes makes flowers particularly shiny, testifying to the richness of cannabinoids. This variety is characterised by its natural beauty, offering an inviting appearance that heralds the quality and purity of the product.


The scent of BZ Queen is characterised by a fascinating complexity, with earthy notes mingled with nuances of aromatic herbs and a light touch of sweetness. This olfactory bouquet creates a deep and enveloping aromatic experience, stimulating the senses and inviting to discover its unique and satisfying taste of this strain.


The taste of BZ Queen CBD Cannabis Trim reflects the richness of aroma, providing a palette of flavours that perfectly balance the earthy notes with the sweet and spicy ones.  The mouthfeel is pleasantly complex, with a finish that leaves a lingering and satisfying freshness, making each taste a moment of pure pleasure.  

Benefits and Effects

BZ Queen is prized for its health benefits, providing an effective relief from anxiety, chronic pain and improving relaxation without compromising the daily functionality. Its high CBD content and low THC content offer a powerful but delicate therapeutic action, ideal for daily use. Users report significant improvements in physical and emotional well-being, testifying to the effectiveness of this strain.

Origin and Cultivation

The selected inflorescences come from cultivations in Liguria, following strict organic standards without the use of GMOs or heavy metals.

Most Indoor cultivations, the source of these products, are located in hilly areas of Liguria. These areas are ideal for the cultivation of high-quality cannabis, guaranteeing an excellent product.

Storage Tips

In order to maintain the organoleptic qualities of BZ Queen CBD shredding, it is advisable to store the product in a cool, dry place, away from direct light. The use of airtight containers helps to preserve the aroma and protect the product from moisture, ensuring long-lasting freshness and effectiveness. By following these simple steps, you can enjoy the unique properties of BZ Queen in every use.

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