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CBD: <27%
THC: <0,5%

The fragrance of this product is extremely intense, evoking a vivid image of resins dripping from trees on a Californian plantation. When approaching the nose, pungent notes of pine and woody scents stand out clearly, blending harmoniously with the reassuring nuances of wood and the essence of fresh grass. This powerful blend comes from a careful selection of different cultivars, making it a hybrid product offering a rich variety of aromatic experiences. It is undoubtedly a distinctive product and well worth experiencing.


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Visual Appearance

AK47 is distinguished by its robust and compact structure, with medium height but wide plants characterised by very large calyxes that favour abundant flowering. Its dense, resinous buds have a colour palette that ranges from light green to darker shades, enriched with purple hues and copious amounts of trichomes that accentuate its lustre and quality.


The flavour of AK47 is initially sweetish, evolving into a more complex and richer bouquet, where pungent pine notes and woody undertones merge with reassuring woody accents and the essence of fresh grass. This intense and enveloping olfactory profile is reminiscent of tree resins from a Californian plantation, offering a distinctive and deeply satisfying aromatic experience.


The taste of AK47 faithfully follows its rich aromatic profile, offering the palate a range of flavours from sweet to floral and earthy. Sour notes gently emerge, completing the taste experience with a complexity that invites one to taste again. The interplay of these flavours creates a unique sensory experience, making each taste a moment of pure pleasure.

Benefits and Effects

With a CBD content of up to 27%, AK47 promises significant health and wellness benefits. This strain is ideal for those seeking relief from anxiety, pain and to promote relaxation, without the psychoactive effects of THC. The genetic combination of sativa and indica offers a balanced effect that calms the body and mind, improving sleep quality and helping to relax the muscles.

Storage Tips

To preserve the aromatic integrity and quality of AK47, we recommend storing the flowers in airtight containers in a cool, dry place, away from direct light. This storage practice ensures that the beneficial properties and sensory experience offered by this variety remain unchanged over time, guaranteeing a product that is always fresh and effective.

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