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CBD: <25%

THC: <0,5%

Discover the pure and inebriating essence of nature with Gorilla Glue, a cannabis flower that stands out for its high CBD content, reaching an impressive 25%.

The scent of Gorilla Glue CBD is immediately apparent: the aroma of its flowers is deeply fascinating, intense and fresh, resembling the THC-rich variety more than any other. It is smooth and enveloping, almost dizzying. Notes of forest and pine emerge in the aftertaste, merging with an intense taste of citrus and ripe fruit. It is undoubtedly an experience worth trying!


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Visual Appearance

Gorilla Glue CBD is distinguished by its visually striking and visually fresh buds, which catch the eye and promise a unique experience. The soft, enveloping structure of the buds, accompanied by visual notes of forest and pine, is combined with citrus and ripe fruit nuances, offering an appearance that recalls the vibrancy and complexity of its composition.


The aroma of Gorilla Glue CBD bursts into the sense of smell as soon as the packet is opened, spreading a deep and seductive scent. The fresh and lively intensity evolves into an enveloping embrace, with fresh and earthy forest accents enriched by resinous pine notes, leading into a surprisingly lively finish of citrus tones and sweet notes of ripe fruit.


The taste of Gorilla Glue CBD faithfully reproduces its rich flavour profile, offering an intense, multi-sensory taste experience. The symphony of flavours begins with the fresh, earthy essence of the forest, enriched by resinous notes of pine, before opening to a surprisingly lively finish where citrus tones and sweet, ripe fruit notes dominate, leaving a lingering, complex sensation.

Benefits and Effects

Gorilla Glue CBD is particularly prized for its calming and enveloping effects, making it ideal for moments of relaxation and meditation. This strain offers a relaxing experience that helps alleviate anxiety and pain, promoting a general sense of well-being. Due to its non-psychoactivity, guaranteed by CBD, it is suitable for connoisseurs and novices alike, providing a unique and unforgettable feeling of tranquillity without compromising mental clarity.

Storage Tips

To preserve the distinctive qualities of Gorilla Glue CBD, it is essential to store it in airtight containers, away from direct light and sources of moisture. This care in storage ensures that its aroma and taste remain unaltered over time, allowing you to fully enjoy its aromatic richness and benefits every time you use it.

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