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CBD: <21%
THC: <0,5%

This legal hemp flower is a real gem for connoisseurs, offering a high CBD content of up to 21%.

The buds of Lemon Haze have a characteristic lime green colour, usually wrapped in a dense layer of trichomes.

This variety exudes an aroma and flavour reminiscent of freshly peeled lemon slices.

Our assortment of Lemon Haze is characterised by an intensely rich flavour of lemon (limonene), lime and pink grapefruit, complemented by an earthy musk aftertaste and enriched by hints of frankincense and black pepper.


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CBD: <21%

THC: <0,5%

Visual Appearance

Lemon Haze reveals itself to the eye as a masterpiece of lime-green buds, brilliantly illuminated by a generous amount of trichomes. These crystals give the buds a superior shine and appearance, immediately suggesting the richness of its CBD content and the care taken in its cultivation. The visual appearance of this strain promises a rich sensory experience even before being enjoyed.


The olfactory experience offered by Lemon Haze is immediately lively and refreshing. Its aroma, dominated by the citrus notes of fresh lemon, opens up to a world of fragrances reminiscent of lime and pink grapefruit. This bouquet of scents is delicately balanced by an earthy aftertaste, which includes accents of incense and black pepper, creating a perfect harmony between freshness and depth.


On the palate, Lemon Haze delights with a complex and enveloping taste, in which lemon and lime come together in a perfect marriage, enriched by hints of pink grapefruit. This flavour profile is balanced by musky and earthy base notes, with a touch of incense and black pepper, making each taste a unique and memorable experience.

Benefits and Effects

With a CBD concentration of 21%, Lemon Haze stands out for its relaxing and calming effects that do not impair mental clarity. This strain is ideal for those seeking relief after a tiring day, helping to relax both body and mind. It is perfect for personal relaxation or as an accompaniment in social settings, offering CBD benefits without the psychoactive effects of THC.

Storage Tips

In order to maintain the unique qualities of Lemon Haze CBD 21%, we recommend storing it in airtight containers in a cool, dry environment away from direct light. This care in storage ensures that the integrity of its aroma and taste is preserved over time, guaranteeing a consistently excellent drinking experience.

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