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Discover Amnesia PRO, the Legal Cannabis that will make you forget everything else! Grown with care and love in our indoor fields at the foot of the majestic Alps, this famous variety is a real flavour and aroma bomb. 

Amnesia is a variety famous for its stimulating effects, as it combines the best sativa flavours with the sweetest indica aromas. The flavour of Amnesia is unique and unlike any other. Soft, almost liquid and always full of flavour.


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Visual Appearance

The buds of Amnesia PRO are characterised by their bright green, almost luminous colour that immediately attracts attention. The surface of these buds is generously adorned with a thick layer of resin that testifies to their high quality and the care taken in their cultivation. This resinous coating not only enhances the visual beauty of the plant but is also indicative of its potency and rich terpene profile, making Amnesia PRO a fine choice for connoisseurs.


The scent of Amnesia PRO impresses with its sweetness, enriched by an earthy depth, and is characterised by lively citrus notes intertwined with hints of spice. This combination creates a complex and enveloping olfactory profile that invites connoisseurs to immerse themselves in a unique olfactory experience characterised by a perfect balance of freshness and warmth, making it a legal cannabis strain particularly appreciated for its aromatic richness.


This unique blend combines the sweet, complex fragrances typical of Critical with the pungent intensity of Skunk. This fusion creates a distinctive and stimulating flavour profile that captures the essence of both strains, offering a rich and memorable taste experience.

Its unique and spectacular flavour will have you literally daydreaming. Don’t miss the chance to try this delicacy, because once you’ve tasted Amnesia PRO, you can’t help but want more!

What’s the difference between Amnesia Haze and Amnesia Pro?

The differences between Amnesia Haze and Amnesia Pro are fascinating to explore! While both cannabis strains are renowned for their powerful and energising effects, there are some important distinctions worth knowing.

First and foremost, Amnesia Haze is a classic strain that has gained great popularity among cannabis enthusiasts. It is known for its sweet, earthy aroma with notes of citrus and spice. The effects of Amnesia Haze tend to be stimulating and cerebral, offering a feeling of happiness and euphoria.

On the other hand, Amnesia Pro is a more potent version of Amnesia Haze. Also known as ‘Super Amnesia’, this variety offers a higher THC level than the traditional Haze. This means that the effects can be even more intense and long-lasting. Amnesia Pro can provide an extremely powerful euphoria along with a feeling of physical relaxation.

Both varieties offer extraordinary experiences for cannabis lovers, but it is important to take into account the different characteristics when choosing which one to try. If you are looking for something lighter but still stimulating, Amnesia Haze might be the perfect choice. If, on the other hand, you want a very intense and long-lasting effect, Amnesia Pro might meet your expectations.

Benefits and Effects

This legal weed variety offers users a relaxing experience without the psychotropic effects associated with traditional cannabis. This means that users can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD without feeling numb or mentally altered.

The legal herb Amnesia is appreciated by those who want a natural way to relieve stress, anxiety and pain without the unwanted side effects. In addition, many users find this strain ideal for improving concentration and stimulating creativity.

In conclusion, the legal herb Amnesia is an attractive choice for those seeking a natural way to improve mental and physical well-being without the psychotropic effects of traditional cannabis.

Storage Tips

To maintain the optimal quality of Amnesia PRO, it is advisable to store it in airtight containers, avoiding areas exposed to direct light and humidity, and preferring ventilated rooms. This approach preserves the liveliness of its aroma and its unique characteristics, thus guaranteeing a pleasant user experience of consistent quality over time.

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