CBD and THC are two chemical compounds that can be extracted from both marijuana and hemp. The former has no psychoactive effects, while the latter does. In this article we discuss all their differences.

CBD and THC are two active ingredients extracted from Cannabis Sativa plants. Incorporated into the preparation of various body products and some edibles, they are becoming increasingly popular due to their therapeutic properties. Despite the growing attention to the sector, however, the two substances are subject to different regulations. CBD and THC do not cause the same effects on the human body and, therefore, the laws regulating their marketing and use for medicinal and recreational purposes are different.

After an initial in-depth look at cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), we will explore in detail what are the main characteristics that distinguish them, and then move on to a discussion of the main pros and cons associated with both substances. Once we have achieved a good level of knowledge, we will move on to discover the regulations in force in the UK and America.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is a chemical compound generally extracted from hemp plants. Known worldwide as CBD, it is now the main ingredient in many edible, body and skin care products. Thanks to its proven beneficial properties, it is now a popular natural treatment and remedy for various physical and psychological ailments. Many consumers choose to incorporate it into their routine, preferring it to medicines with the same healing properties but more side effects.

Its success has attracted the attention of manufacturers and industries in various sectors that have started a production chain where CBD is used in a variety of articles. The latter is in fact sold in the form of gels, oils, lotions, lubricants, but also gummy sweets, supplements or drinks. Every consumer today has the possibility of choosing the format that best suits his or her needs and habits and reaping all the positive benefits.

The incredible healing properties are often accompanied by good effects that also affect the sexual sphere. CBD is an excellent painkiller and anti-inflammatory, as well as a remedy against anxiety and insomnia and a good ally against various forms of skin irritations. The choice of incorporating CBD into body products such as oils, lotions or lubricants, however, also often falls to couples who want to turn their lives around as a couple and want to improve sexual relations.

CBD is therefore known all over the world because of its excellent beneficial properties.

What is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is an active ingredient mainly extracted from cannabis. Administered in the form of smokable marijuana, capsules and oils, it generally comes with a rather negative reputation. The latter, in fact, is nothing more than the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis and the one responsible for the release of dopamine in the brain.

Excessive consumption of substances containing THC can, over time, lead to drug addiction. In order to avoid the dreadful withdrawal symptoms and recreate the ‘high’ feeling typically induced by this substance, habitual cannabis users tend to increase their doses more and more and are unable to stop introducing THC into their bodies. Needless to say, drug addiction can become a very risky condition in the long run. The risks associated with the excessive use of THC are responsible for the bad reputation that surrounds this area of production.

Scientific studies, however, have shown the possibility of using tetrahydrocannabinol for therapeutic purposes. CBD and THC, in fact, seem to have several properties in common. Both substances have proven to be excellent natural remedies that can de-inflammify and act as painkillers.

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Main differences between CBD and THC 

CBD and THC are two chemical compounds that can be extracted from both marijuana and hemp. In order to understand the main differences between the two substances, it is first good to know the difference between the two plants. Marijuana and hemp are two varieties belonging to the same family, the cannabis sativa family. The word “marijuana originated in order to associate the name with a connotation. The latter, in fact, is cultivated using special techniques whose main objective is to increase the THC content and, consequently, its psychoactive effect. The term hemp, on the other hand, is used to connote a plant with healing properties. Hemp cultivation techniques, in fact, aim at preserving the main raw materials and accentuating the beneficial effects on the human body. It follows that marijuana contains more THC, while hemp more CBD.

Both chemical compounds have a similar structure to endocannabinoids. Both, therefore, can interact with the endocannabinoid system and cause physical and mental effects. CBD and THC, however, affect different receptors in the brain and cause different side effects.

The main difference between the two active ingredients therefore relates to their effects on the human body. The intake of THC products causes the main intoxicating properties associated with drug use, including a feeling of strong euphoria, short-term memory loss and slowed reflexes. The use of CBD products, on the contrary, does not cause any psychotropic effects.

Characteristics of CBD 

The CBD market is expanding very rapidly. To date, it can be said that the number of consumers choosing to incorporate cannabidiol-containing products into their routines is growing. 

The absence of psychoactive properties is among the main reasons for success, but it is certainly not the only one. Unlike THC, in fact, CBD is in no way addictive. This does not mean, of course, that it is possible to take excessive amounts. The advice is always to select the dose based on your own body characteristics and always follow the directions on the package insert.

Other reasons that direct attention to these products undoubtedly include the excellent healing properties mentioned above, as well as the potential benefits in reducing stress and depression. CBD also appears to be a natural remedy for convulsions and severe migraines.

The positive characteristics, however, are often accompanied by some contraindications for which a few words are in order. Firstly, despite the absence of intoxicating properties, CBD and THC are often found together: many CBD products also contain small percentages of THC.

What you need to pay attention to is the amount of THC present in CBD oils or other CBD products. For the product to be absolutely legal, the percentage of THC present must be less than the 0.2 % (<0.2 % THC) allowed by law.

Characteristics of THC 

CBD and THC are different substances but have certain characteristics in common. Like cannabidiol, tetrahydrocannabinol also has some healing properties. The latter can be administered in some countries in the form of medical marijuana. Among the main benefits obtainable, the most important are the reduction of pain and nausea caused by cancer treatments. Medical marijuana has also proven to be an excellent remedy against stress and insomnia, as well as a valuable aid against migraines and tremors.

Despite this, repeated and excessive consumption of THC-containing products can pose enormous health risks. Once in an addiction loop, it is very difficult to get out of it, which is why it is important to always keep an eye on the situation and not get carried away by the desire to recreate the classic THC high.

Finally, it is good to know that euphoria and excitement are not the only temporary side effects caused by taking products containing tetrahydrocannabinol. In fact, the body may react negatively to the introduction of THC and cause increased heart rate, dry mouth, memory loss, as well as impaired short-term memory, red eyes and slower reaction times.

Focus on the theme of legality  

CBD is perfectly legal throughout the UK. Manufacturers and sellers therefore do not have to undergo any kind of restriction and can market all products containing CBD without any problem. Likewise, anyone wishing to purchase cannabidiol-based foods, drinks, creams, oils or body lotions is perfectly free to do so without fear of legal repercussions.

The main restrictions concern the possibility of selling and consuming articles with a high concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol. The laws imposed vary from country to country. In the UK, for example, it is not permitted to market products with a THC content of more than 0.2%. It is the responsibility of the seller to ensure that the products comply with the law currently in force.

In America, regulations governing the criminalisation of cannabis vary from state to state. Currently, 12 states have decided to legalise marijuana for medicinal purposes. In Colorado, for example, the sale of products containing higher percentages of THC is also taxed and regulated for recreational purposes.

cbd oil by Maria Oil
CBD Oil by Maria Oil

Why is CBD oil a good product?

Among the various products on the market, one of the most popular and versatile is CBD oil. A natural product with no side effects, it is particularly effective as a painkiller and neuro-protector, as well as a remedy for insomnia and as an accelerator during bone fracture recovery.

The reason for the potential of using CBD oil is due to the presence of numerous cannabinoids that interact and cooperate with each other. The combined effect of all these substances amplifies all the beneficial characteristics by no small margin.

Scientific research has indeed demonstrated the existence of the entourage effect, an effect that addresses the impact of the combination of all the cannabinoids present within cannabis plants on the body. CBD and THC, therefore, when taken simultaneously, can provide the body with twice as many positive benefits.In the Maria CBD oil online store, you will find your natural and strictly certified CBD oil alternatives. Discover our products to start familiarising yourself with the potential of these natural and beneficial substances.

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