How CBD works, find out through our articles. Find out how CBD is used and how it can improve our lives.

CBD dose calculator: how much to take and how

How to understand the correct dosage of CBD? There are various factors to consider, including product characteristics and concentration, in addition to the subject’s personal factors. Let’s see here the right mode of use.

Cannabis light: what it is, what it does and other interesting facts

Light cannabis is a legal herb because it contains a low percentage of THC in favour of CBD, a substance with multiple benefits. Light cannabis has attracted considerable interest for its possible therapeutic applications and its use in products such as oils, infusions, creams and more.

What does it mean ‘entourage effect’ and why is it beneficial?

The entourage effect occurs when the natural compounds of cannabis work together, i.e. in synergy, and produce more potent and beneficial effects on the body, mutually influencing each other’s actions.

How to extract CBD from hemp and what is the best method

There are several ways to extract CBD from Hemp, some are more environmentally friendly while others are cheaper. Learn about the more innovative and sophisticated ones that make CBD products better than others.

La funzione del triptofano e della serotonina

Il triptofano è un amminoacido che assumiamo attraverso cibi e sostanze, aiuta a equilibrare molte funzioni dell’organismo e darci benessere. Vediamo in quali alimenti è contenuto e come puoi introdurlo in modo semplice ed efficace nella tua quotidianità.

What CBD stand for and what it is used for

What does CBD mean? What is it used for? What are its benefits? Learn more about this natural substance found in the Cannabis plant.

What is CBD, what it does and what are its benefits

CBD is a natural substance with numerous properties now known for its beneficial effects. Different from THC, it helps the body maintain or regain a state of well-being.

All the effects of CBD on the liver you need to know about

CBD also has positive effects on the liver, helps with various disorders and diseases, and is a natural substance that is well tolerated by people of various ages. CBD works precisely as an antioxidant and has a protective action on the liver.

Natural psychotropic substances: how is CBD classified?

Psychotropic substances act on psychic functions by altering them, they can also be dangerous. CBD is different and, therefore, it is not harmful, indeed it has beneficial properties.

What is THC and what are its effects?

THC is the psychoactive substance contained in the hemp plant, very different from CBD. Let’s find out what are their differences and the effects they have on the human body and mind.

All the effects of CBD case by case 

CBD has many positive effects on the human body with regard to both physical well-being and emotional states. We analyse the properties of CBD by considering its level of interaction with the brain, the body, the sexual system and the heart.

Cannabidiol (CBD): everything you need to know

Cannabidiol is the extended name for CBD, which is considered increasingly valuable in the therapeutic field. Obtained from the Cannabis Sativa plant, it is used as a beneficial health remedy.