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CBD: <16%

THC: <0,5%

Original Orange Bud has an intensely fruity flavour and aroma with citrus notes and an intense orange taste.

Orange BUD is a CBD-rich light cannabis variety with a fruity aroma and flavour. The near absence of THC gives pleasant effects that do not hinder daily activities.

The flowers of our Orange BUD are very large, resinous and compact, very green with orange pistils.

We grow it in our open fields at the foot of the Alps.



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Visual Appearance

Orange Bud manifests itself with eye-catching buds that shimmer with a range of intense colours, varying from vibrant green to ochre yellow, embellished with a vivid orange pistil pattern. The abundant presence of resinous trichomes gives the buds a special lustre, underlining the exceptional quality and care taken in cultivation. This variety offers a visual spectacle that anticipates the wealth of sensory experiences it can provide.


The aroma of Orange Bud is a true masterpiece of freshness, dominated by an intense and unmistakable fragrance of orange, with vibrant notes of lemon intertwining perfectly. Pine nuances and a subtle earthy presence enrich this olfactory bouquet, creating a complex and deeply satisfying olfactory experience. This explosion of citrus and natural fragrances invites you to immerse yourself in an aromatically rich and memorable experience.


Orange Bud delights the palate with an explosion of citrus flavours, where the sweetness of orange and the freshness of lemon are in the foreground, balanced by subtle earthy and pine notes that enrich the taste experience. This combination of sweet and sour, combined with the complexity of its aftertaste, makes each tasting a moment of pure pleasure, leaving a lingering and refreshing sensation.

Benefits and Effects

Orange Bud is particularly appreciated for its ability to uplift the spirit, combat fatigue and stimulate the mind, promoting a sensation of euphoria and unparalleled well-being. The energising effects and the creativity boost make it ideal for daytime use, especially for those trying to maintain high concentration without running into drowsiness. Its high concentration of CBD ensures all these benefits while keeping the user completely lucid and active, without the psychoactive effects of THC.

Storage Tips

To ensure maximum freshness and preserve the organoleptic qualities of Orange Bud, it is essential to store it in airtight containers, away from light and heat sources. A cool, dry environment is ideal for keeping its distinctive aroma and flavour intact for up to six months, ensuring an optimal drinking experience over time.

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