How to understand the correct dosage of CBD? There are various factors to consider, including product characteristics and concentration, in addition to the subject’s personal factors. Let’s see here the right mode of use.

Has CBD won you over? Are you looking forward to trying out all the beneficial properties you have read about on the web or that your friends have told you about?

Cannabidiol is gaining in popularity all over the world. Just take a walk around a city, even a not so large one, and you will notice how many shops have sprung up. Not to mention the online shops!

This natural remedy, which came to us from alternative medicine thousands of years ago, seems to be able to treat many conditions and diseases, without causing side effects.

But what is the correct dosage of CBD?

In a nutshell: how much CBD is needed to achieve these miraculous results?

As with any other type of treatment, following a certain method of use is essential to achieve the goal for which you bought the product.Although CBD is not as psychoactive as THC, so it does not give you any highs even when highly concentrated, there are factors to consider in order to make the most of its effectiveness. Let’s find out together what the right CBD dosage is for you.

Why take CBD?

Before we talk about numbers and figures, let’s take a step back. CBD is one of over one hundred cannabinoids produced by the hemp plant, also called cannabis. Such natural substances have gained considerable fame because they can influence the human body in several ways. 

Cannabinoids interact with the so-called “endocannabinoid system,” a system responsible for regulating many physiological and cognitive functions. By interacting with such a system, CBD can act on mood, appetite, sleep, pain, anxiety, fertility and even movement. 

This is why so many other people like you have already tried CBD. Many do it out of curiosity, but many others are instead looking for an alternative cure to a disorder after trying unsuccessfully the way of traditional medicines. 

Now that we’ve explained the “why”, let’s dive deeper into the “how” of taking CBD

How to know how much CBD to take

To understand how much CBD to take, a premise must be made: CBD products are all different.

To understand how much one can change from the other, let us use the example of CBD oils. If you have already had a look around our shop, you will have noticed that there are several types of oil, because you can find them in different concentrations and formulations.

So, first of all, CBD oil can have different concentrations. An entry level at 5% means that it contains less active ingredient and is suitable for those trying this product for the first time. You can also find concentrations of 15%, 25%, up to and including 50%. It almost goes without saying that the higher ones are suitable for those who have to treat severe symptoms and already have experience with the product.

CBD oil, like other products, may also have a different formulation:

  • Full Spectrum: in this formula, CBD is combined with the other natural substances of hemp, including THC, to achieve the entourage effect, i.e. a synergetic work of all components to treat the organism even more deeply;  
  • Broad Spectrum: also contains all the components of cannabis but is THC-free;  
  • Isolated: here, all other natural substances have been eliminated to take full advantage of CBD’s characteristics.

So, to understand the right CBD dosage, you must first evaluate which type of product to buy. After that, you need to find out whether the company you are buying it from is serious and is actually selling you a pure product. You can get an idea of the producer by reading the history, cultivation and extraction methods and, why not, by asking him directly. Finally, you have to consider some personal factors that we will now look at.

il miglior olio di cbd
Full Spectrum CBD Oil by Maria CBD Oil

Factors to understand your correct CBD dosage

Just as all CBD products are different from each other, so are the consumers. Everyone has distinguishing characteristics and such details affect the dosage of CBD. 

Personal factors to evaluate include: 

  • Gender: your body chemistry is crucial because the metabolism affects the assimilation of the product; 
  • Height and weight: weight and body structure are decisive to understand the amount of product needed to witness some results; 
  • Age: also the years affect the metabolism, exactly like gender; 
  • Ailment to treat: to treat mild symptoms, certain products are more suitable while for severe symptoms you should select high concentrations of the active ingredient.

All this to say that the dosage taken by a friend or an acquaintance could be perfect for them but not for you. You are a unique person with certain needs and we want to help you find the right formula for you. 

What research says about CBD

The results of scientific research are very encouraging since CBD has always been well tolerated by different subjects and no significant side effects have ever emerged. This means that we are talking about a substance that is safe for the body. 

Several doses were administered during the studies to document the body’s reaction. As emerged from an update on the safety and side-effects of cannabidiol, scientists started with a minimum of 20 mg to reach a maximum of 1,500 mg per day. This was the highest dose ever administered for the treatment of chronic pain and was well tolerated. For example, one adolescent was treated with this dosage of CBD for as long as 4 weeks. 

So there is no universal dosage suitable for everyone, but even high dosages are well tolerated by the body. This obviously does not mean exceeding usage to achieve the result faster, also because we will learn that CBD does not work this way. 

How to calculate the CBD dosage

For some products, it is easier to calculate the CBD dosage, which is generally expressed in milligrams (mg). If we take 15mg candies, for example, we know that each individual candy contains 15mg of CBD. So, by knowing how much active ingredient is contained in each portion, you can easily calculate how much product to take.

The same principle also applies to capsules. If we take, for example, 10% CBD capsules, we know that each capsule contains 10mg of active ingredient.

It is a little more complex to figure out the right dosage of CBD in products such as oil or creams. 5% CBD oil contains 500mg of active ingredient in a 10ml bottle. Knowing also that a 10ml bottle contains about 200 drops of CBD oil, you also know that each drop contains 2mg. Knowing this detail, you can find the right dosage using the dropper pipette of the bottle in which the oil is sold.

At this point, you can calculate how many drops you need to reach your goal, always bearing in mind all the factors we have discussed.

How many mg of CBD per day for different needs?

So far, we have understood that in order to assess the dosage of CBD, you need to evaluate the type of product and your physical constitution. But it doesn’t end there, because other extremely important factors are why you are buying the product and how you take CBD

Do you need to treat some stress or chronic pain? Do you have problems with insomnia or convulsions?

Depending on the type of disorder to be treated, they vary: 

  • Quantity of product to be taken
  • Frequency with which to take it

At this point, let’s dig a little deeper by analysing the main reasons why you might approach CBD and the recommended dosages under all circumstances.

How many mg of CBD to relax?

One study evaluated the effects of CBD during a simulated public speaking test. This activity generally elicits very high levels of anxiety, which is why it was chosen to evaluate the efficacy of cannabidiol. Subjects were given daily doses of 150, 300 and 600mg, in addition to placebo, of course.

The dosage that performed best, and was therefore able to reduce anxiety, was the 300mg dosage. In contrast, the researchers did not notice much difference between 150mg, 600mg and the placebo.

This study was therefore able to confirm both the anxiolytic properties of CBD and the fact that correct dosage is better than too high a dosage, a subject we will return to shortly when discussing overdose.

We would always point out that the correct dosage also depends on the severity of the disorder to be treated, because even anxiety does not always occur with the same intensity or cadence.

The anxiolytic properties of CBD are also useful in more severe cases such as depression, combined with the fact that cannabidiol is able to stimulate serotonin, the so-called ‘feel-good hormone’.

How many drops of CBD for sleep?

We have just finished talking about the calming effect of CBD, which helps both during wakefulness and during the hours spent in bed. People who are anxious find it difficult to have a deep and peaceful sleep, which is what happens when they are more relaxed.

However, CBD does not only work at this level. It also works to bring the body faster into the REM phase, the phase in which sleep is heaviest, making it more difficult to wake up. This allows you to sleep for several hours and feel more rested when you wake up.

Moreover, by alleviating situations of pain and inflammation, it makes it much easier to sleep in individuals who would otherwise struggle to sleep due to too much pain. 

Experts have also tested different dosages in this field. Significant results emerged with a CBD dose of 75mg per day in anxious patients with insomnia problems.

But we mentioned that CBD oil can have different concentrations.

How many drops of 20% CBD oil are needed for sleep? The recommended dosage is 3-4 drops of oil taken up to 3 times in a day.

Of course, you should also seek advice from your doctor if you are already undergoing treatment for insomnia.

And how many drops of CBD at 10%? Given the lower concentration, you can start with 4 drops up to a maximum of 3 times a day. You can gradually increase the dose until the result is achieved.

Finally, how many drops of 5% CBD? Since it is recommended for those who are approaching cannabidiol for the first time, you can start with 2 drops in the morning and two drops in the evening, up to 3-4 drops 3 times a day.

Sleep Oil Sleep Solution by Maria CBD Oil

CBD in the diet

The endocannabinoid system, the one on which CBD works, is also very important in regulating metabolism and food intake. This was stated by a study conducted on cannabidiol’s ability to decrease body gain.

The test was conducted on rats that were given 2.5 to 5mg/kg daily. The results showed that both doses produced a significant reduction in weight gain, however, the best results emerged with the 5mg/kg per day dose.

This experiment showed that CBD can influence body weight gain through the CB2 receptor of the endocannabinoid system. More studies on CBD for weight loss are obviously needed, but these results already represent an achievement.

According to research to date, it appears that CBD reduces hunger in most people who use it and also makes it less difficult to resist the desire to eat. Also contributing to this is its relaxing action and, above all, its ability to improve mood, eliminating the stress that very often causes people to overeat.

Is there a risk of taking too much CBD?

Like any other natural substance, if you do not follow the right directions for use, you may be taking more CBD than you really need.

What happens in this case? Do you risk running into side effects?

Fortunately, with CBD, you do not run this risk. Scientific studies have shown that too high a dose does not cause contraindications but is simply ineffective on a par with a placebo.

In any case, according to data collected so far by scientists, the body can tolerate up to 1,500mg of CBD per day. However, it is clear that every person is different and it is always best to take only the correct dosage of CBD.

Mild side effects such as fatigue, diarrhoea and dry mouth may occur due to interaction with other drugs. In this case, the dose of CBD is crucial, which is why it is always a good idea to seek advice from your doctor or a specialist if you want to use this remedy as a supplement to an existing treatment.

Find the right CBD product for you

We have come to the goodbyes, at this point in the journey you have all the necessary elements to understand what the right dosage might be for you.

Experts always recommend starting with the lowest CBD dosage to see how the body reacts. Progressively, as the weeks go by, you can increase the dose by 5mg at a time until the desired result is achieved.

If, on the other hand, you want to make sure you don’t make any mistakes, you can ask your doctor directly for advice before starting treatment.

What is certain is that whatever your need, you will find products in our shop ranging from a low CBD concentration to a higher component for the treatment of important symptoms. Visit the store now and find the product that is right for you.

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