Cannabidiol is the extended name for CBD, which is considered increasingly valuable in the therapeutic field. Obtained from the Cannabis Sativa plant, it is used as a beneficial health remedy.

Everywhere you look there seem to be CBD products. In recent years, this powerful natural substance has received and continues to receive massive publicity as a remedy for a variety of illnesses and as a solution for one’s wellbeing.

You can buy edibles, oils, creams, sprays, all based on cannabidiol. In short, you can find products beyond your imagination!

Seemingly unknown until a few years ago, CBD is now enjoying a remarkable period of glory that seems to last well into the future. In fact, humans have been resorting to natural remedies for thousands of years, and hemp, the plant from which CBD is extracted, has always appeared among them. However, until scientists studied all its active ingredients and their effects, this plant was looked upon with distrust.

The reason is that hemp also contains a psychoactive component, THC, which induces a sense of high. This substance is responsible for its difficult life all over the world. So it was until scientists began to study CBD, an active ingredient with the same characteristics but without psychotropic effects.

Thanks to this discovery, CBD has made its way onto the market to conquer all those people looking for natural products for their well-being. Since you’ve landed here looking for answers, let’s find out what cannabidiol is, what its effects are and the best products on the market.

What is cannabidiol

Extended name cannabidiol, acronym CBD, is a chemical compound found within the hemp plant, especially in its flowers. There are over a hundred cannabinoids present in hemp, and CBD is one of the most important along with THC.

Many are more familiar with tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly known as THC. The active ingredient is also found in hemp and marijuana and causes the classic high associated with these plants.

CBD, on the other hand, has no psychoactive effects. This makes it safe for health and tolerated by governments around the world. Its powerful effects are therefore not for getting high, but rather for healing. Hemp has been used in alternative natural medicine for 5,000 years already and by studying its properties we will better understand why.

What it is for 

First known to be used around 2,700 BC, it was even the Chinese emperor Sheng Neng who tried a cannabis tea to cure various ailments he suffered from such as rheumatism and malaria.

Throughout its history, CBD has always been considered very valuable therapeutically: it has been used to treat numerous ailments and conditions such as menstrual cramps, back or head pain, epilepsy, lack of appetite, memory problems, up to psychosis and even cancer.

Its uses are therefore extremely varied. They range from the possibility of treating diseases spread throughout the body as well as ailments confined to a specific area of the body.

Scientific studies are already at a good stage but we cannot say that they have arrived at discovering the full potential of CBD because the research is still long and exciting. However, the results achieved so far on the effects of CBD bode well for its possible use both to stay healthy and to treat ongoing illnesses.

Therapeutic properties of CBD 

In short, we have realised that cannabidiol is a nourishing and therapeutic natural substance. And this is possible thanks to its numerous properties (think that it would take dozens of plants to achieve such effects!).

Among the best-known properties are:  

  • Analgesic: we have already referred to cannabidiol as a powerful painkiller, suitable for the treatment of both general and localised pain, whether acute or chronic, i.e., whether it occurs once due to a specific cause or is linked to some long-term pathology;
  • Pain-relieving: while treating pain, cannabidiol also treats inflammation, whether spread throughout the body or localised to a portion of the skin;
  • Anticonvulsant: cannabidiol is an excellent remedy against convulsions in diseases such as epilepsy or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome as it reduces both the intensity and frequency of attacks;
  • Anxiolytic: CBD is not psychoactive but is a relaxant that helps against anxiety and stress, thus also promoting a better sleep-wake cycle;  
  • Antidepressant: with its ability to interact with the feel-good hormone serotonin, it can also treat depression;
  • Antipsychotic: CBD’s powerful action on the brain aids memory and reduces the risk of hallucinations that can occur, for example, in patients with schizophrenia;
  • Anti-emetic: CBD is a solution against nausea and vomiting, scientists realised while searching for a remedy against the side effects of chemotherapy;
  • Neuroprotective: cannabidiol not only helps the brain in its normal functions, but also protects it from degenerative diseases through its antioxidant action.
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Side effects of cannabidiol

Although cannabidiol has gained worldwide fame in recent years, there are many questions revolving around this substance. One is whether it can give side effects and how serious.

Let us reassure you right away by telling you that this active ingredient has no particular contraindications. First of all because it is natural, secondly because unlike THC it does not cause a high.

During scientific studies, the subjects involved always demonstrated excellent tolerance. Only in rare cases have mild side effects occurred such as:

  • Dry mouth;
  • Tiredness;
  • Altered appetite;
  • Drowsiness;
  • Low blood pressure.

In general, no serious side effects have been reported and this should reassure all those who want to dive into the world of light cannabis themselves.

The only thing to watch out for is interaction with other drugs. It is precisely this that can lead to side effects or lower the effectiveness of other drugs. To avoid this, simply ask your doctor for advice.

Since there are no reliable answers from science, it is best to avoid CBD use during pregnancy. Alternatively, seek advice from your doctor or an expert in the field.

How long do the effects of CBD last? 

It depends. And from what? From many different factors.  

We can say that the effects of CBD last from a few hours to even a month. Everything, however, depends on variables such as:

  • Method of use: depending on the type of product taken, the body can assimilate and dispose of it more or less quickly, e.g., CBD oil is absorbed faster than other products and also takes longer to be eliminated; 
  • Quantity taken: as with many other substances, the duration of the effect depends on the amount of active ingredient taken because in the case of CBD, the higher the dose, the longer the effects will last;
  • Frequency: it is not only the quantity of the substance taken that is important, but also its frequency, which means that regular intake ensures a longer duration;
  • Nutrition: the effects are also affected by whether the substance is taken on an empty stomach or after eating, in which case the body’s elimination process is slower;
  • Body type: so much depends on the physical constitution of the person taking it, i.e., their weight and metabolism;
  • Lifestyle: those with a more dynamic lifestyle generally also have a faster metabolism than those who live a sedentary life.

Therefore, if CBD is taken regularly every day for weeks or months, it will also take longer for the body to dispose of it. The effects of a single dose usually wear off in a maximum of 5-6 hours depending on the modality.


So far, we have seen what cannabidiol is, what its properties are, and how long its effects last. At this point, it is worth spending a few words on why CBD is so effective in the body.

Scientists have discovered that the vertebrate body contains the so-called endocannabinoid system, which is present in the central and peripheral nervous system. The fact that it is spread throughout the body allows it to regulate so many functions such as mood, memory, appetite, sleep, movement and much more.

This system already produces endocannabinoids, substances chemically similar to cannabinoids, and this explains why it is so receptive to the substances contained in hemp.

However, it is interesting to know that CBD and THC, the two main cannabinoids, interact differently in the body. The difference between CBD and THC lies not only in the fact that one is not psychoactive and the other is, but also in their action.

THC binds to CB1 receptors found in the central and peripheral nervous system (i.e., in the brain and nerves) but also in other organs. In contrast, CBD binds to CB2 receptors found in the cells of the immune system.  

Moreover, CBD and THC interact in a very special way when they work together. On the one hand, CBD is able to potential some of the effects of THC, but on the other hand it seems to neutralise its psychoactive effect. This makes this synergy very advantageous and powerful.

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Are there medicines that contain cannabidiol? 

Given the high therapeutic power of cannabidiol, a country like Italy is also loosening its grip a lot. Already since 2016, in that same country, cultivation and sale within certain limits have been legalised, and it is hoped that more and more avenues will open up in the future. One is certainly the addition of CBD to medicines.

Interestingly the combined work of CBD and THC is beneficial for spasms, but not always. For example, in the treatment of psychosis, the two substances are antagonistic. This means that before making a purchase, it is very important to have a goal and understand what is the best product to achieve it.

Is CBD oil safe and legal? 

In the course of this guide, we have already mentioned hemp oil because it is one of the most powerful and popular of all products on the market. It is so for multiple reasons:

  • It is practical: it is usually sold in a small bottle with a dropper pipette for the correct dosage in every situation;
  • It is sold in different formulations: it is available in full spectrum (containing all the natural substances of hemp, including THC), broad spectrum (containing all the natural substances but without THC) and in isolated form (the other components of hemp are removed during the production process);
  • It has different concentrations of CBD: the base oil has a 5% concentration of the active ingredient (entry level for those trying cannabis light for the first time) but can also reach concentrations of up to 40-50% for those looking for a very potent product and have already purchased something similar before.

In the U.K., hemp oil can therefore contain a high amount of CBD, but the THC must be less than 0.02%. This makes it legal from the point of view of the law but also safe for the body because the amount of psychoactive substance is too low to induce a high.

Where CBD oil is found 

Where can you find cannabidiol? You can find it in many stores both physical and online in the form of different products ranging from oils to creams, from foods to sprays.  

If you are looking for CBD oil, you can find it online at Maria CBD Oil and choose from different formulations and concentrations. On our website you will also find certificates of analysis for each individual product, you can find out about our history, read reviews left by other customers and contact us through various means of communication if you have any doubts or questions.  

We know how important it is to be able to choose a quality oil because only from quality can real benefit be derived. That is why we do our utmost to offer you excellent products and to guarantee you a conscious and safe purchase.

Visit our online shop now and find the right CBD oil for your needs.

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