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Pineapple Chunk weed is an indica-dominant hybrid and can be traced back to Skunk #1, Pineapple and possibly Cheese. It is a Dutch import and is a much more potent and enjoyable strain than the much publicised Pineapple Express.

Smelling this light cannabis strain is like walking through a garden full of little flowers. Burning the buds or squeezing them releases its fruity, pungent aroma with delicious grape undertones.

We grow it in our indoor fields at the foot of the Alps.


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Visual Appearance

The buds of this strain have a distinctive shape reminiscent of footballs or small stones, with a predominantly lime-green colouration and fan-shaped leaves of a lighter shade. If you look closely, you can see delicate purple accents intertwining between the peach-coloured pistils and bright white trichomes, creating a fascinating visual contrast that enhances the complexity and beauty of this special cannabis strain.


The olfactory heritage of this variety manifests itself in an intriguing list of odours. A clear pineapple aroma predominates, enriched by a distinctive hint of funky cheese, creating an interesting sweet and sour balance that is extremely inviting. To complete this olfactory range, notes of skunky emerge, serving as a reminder of the potency of the herb. This complex combination of aromas contributes to the variety’s uniqueness, offering a rich and memorable olfactory experience.


The taste of the Pineapple Chunk variety is characterised by its intensely fruity profile, with a dominant pineapple flavour that blends harmoniously with earthy, pungent notes. The taste experience is enriched by nuances of cheese, which add an interesting sweet-and-sour contrast. This combination of flavours creates a perfect balance, making Pineapple Chunk a delicious choice for those seeking a complex, rich taste with a finish reminiscent of its potent cannabis heritage.

Benefits and Effects

Using this strain in moderation, users report feeling more motivated, productive and full of creativity, suggesting that this strain can be consumed throughout the day, in small doses, without compromising daily activities. This makes the strain ideal for those seeking to enrich their routines with a touch of inspiration and liveliness while maintaining full functionality.

Storage Tips

To preserve Pineapple Chunk, store it in airtight containers, away from light and moisture, in a cool place. This method maintains the aroma and qualities of light cannabis, ensuring an optimal experience over time.

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