CBD dog kibble with Beef and Pork

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I CBD kibble for dogs with Beef and Pork from Maria Oil are a natural product specifically dedicated to four-legged friends. They help your dog to combat stress, states of anxiety and depression, promote a spontaneous reduction in aggression and the general well-being of the animal.

CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory that, in both humans and animals, helps to alleviate feelings of discomfort and subsequent ailments caused by various diseases.

Our CBD kibble is suitable for all species of dogs, supporting the immune system and joint health. Warning: They are not suitable for puppies under 12 months of age.

They are an effective and of the highest quality:

100% Legal

100% Natural

100% Pure

100% Quality

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CBD kibble for dogs with Beef and Pork + Omega 3,6,9

CBD kibble is a natural product to treat dog ailments and designed especially for the pet’s well-being. They are THC-free, making them perfectly legal and healthy. Our package contains. 150gr (5.29oz) of kibble with Beef and Pork., they are also enriched with Omega 3, 6 and 9.

They are prepared following a natural formula which helps four-legged friends regain serenity and calm, supports joint health, strengthens the immune system and, in general, dog well-being. Made to the highest manufacturing standards, they are tested in independent laboratories to verify their purity and quality, thus ensuring a product safe for pets.

CBD kibble with Beef and Pork. can be given to the dog as a snack or as a reward, so it will be an easy, convenient and quick way to incorporate CBD into his diet.

What can cause stress in dogs

Our four-legged friends, unfortunately, can also suffer from anxiety and stress, thus risking the development of various diseases.

In some cases the stressors can be acute and short-lived, but there are circumstances in which dogs, and consequently their owners, have to live with states of chronic stress.

The most common causes that can lead to stress and tension in dogs are:

  • A change in the housing situation;
  • a loss;
  • New elements, people or other animals;
  • A change in routine;
  • an intervention;
  • Allergies or other conditions;
  • A change in nutrition.

If you can identify the cause of stress in your dog you will be able to better manage the situation and help him in the right way. We recommend that you take him to your trusted veterinarian to make sure of his health and to check his symptoms.

Main symptoms of stress in dogs

The state of stress should never be underestimated in either people or dogs. You need to be able to recognize the situation so that you can assess and investigate it, this is the only way you can help your dog feel better.

The main symptoms caused by stress include:

  • Tendency to lick the muzzle frequently;
  • Decline or absence of appetite;
  • apathy;
  • Tendency to hide and avoid contact;
  • Unusual behaviors;
  • vomiting or diarrhea;
  • moans and barks;
  • hyperactivity.

In general, all excesses and physical ailments can be a consequence of stress and discomfort.

Beneficial properties of CBD kibble

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, a biological system found in the human and animal bodies within the central and peripheral nervous systems. It is responsabile for regulationg so many functions of the body, such as mood, sleep, appetite and so on.

CBD products, such as kibble, not only help fight anxiety and stress but have many other benefits such as:

  • Natural pain reliever;
  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Relaxing;
  • They help to sleep better;
  • They relieve feelings of nausea;
  • They help manage anxiety states;
  • They combat the symptoms of epilepsy;
  • They strengthen the cardiovascular system;
  • They help during the postoperative course.

If it seems to you that your dog does not immediately benefit from CBD products let his or her body have time to adjust.

CBD kibble dosage.

It is important that CBD kibble be administered in the correct manner and amount so as to avoid any kind of side effects or harmful effects to the dog.

The daily dose of kibble to be given to the dog according to his weight:

  • 1-5kg/1-10oz: 1 kibble per day;
  • 6-10kg/12-20oz: 2-4 kibbles per day;
  • 11-22kg/22-40oz: 4-8 kibbles per day;
  • 20kg/40oz: 8+ kibble per day.

We recommend, before proceeding, checking with your veterinarian to be sure that the CBD in the kibble does not conflict with other medications your pet is taking.

CBD kibble for dogs for sale online

CBD kibble with Beef and Pork + Omega 3,6 and 9 from Maria Oil is for sale online only within our shop!

All our products are 100% legal, safe and quality.

Additional information

Corn grits, processed animal protein 35% (of which 50% beef and 50% pork), rice, animal fat, hemp leaves*, butternut squash*, carrot, aronia (chokeberry), chamomile*, hemp protein*, leaves of young gr


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