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CBD: <50%

THC: <0.5%

The nectar of the gods’, even in the legal hash version, our Afghan Hash CBD confirms its supremacy over all the hashish that is produced! In fact, it is the finest and purest hashish that can be obtained from the flowers and leaves of the cannabis buds. In fact, this hashish consists exclusively of ‘pure cannabis resin extract’, nothing more. The aroma of Afghan CBD extract is pungent with a smooth, enveloping taste on the palate. Our premium legal hash is handmade and cold-pressed to preserve its natural terpenes.


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Visual Appearance

Afghan Hash CBD, referred to as ‘Nectar of the Gods’, has a soft, sticky consistency, typical of the high concentration of pure resin extracted from the cannabis buds. This legal hashish sports a deep black colour, a symbol of its purity and quality. Craftsmanship and cold pressing enhance its visual appearance, making it a unique product, desirable for its beauty and inviting texture.


The aroma of Afghan Hash CBD is powerful and pungent, a direct reference to the traditions of Afghan resin harvesting. Floral notes mingle with a sweet, fruity aroma, creating an aromatic bouquet that perfectly balances sweetness and intensity. These aromas, the result of carefully selected pure cannabis resin, are inviting to ingest, promising an unparalleled olfactory experience where tradition meets superior quality.


The taste of Afghan Hash CBD is an enveloping experience that combines fruity sweetness with resinous notes, creating a perfect balance without being overpowering. This flavour profile, sweet to the nose and palate, offers a rich and complex tasting experience where each taste reveals new nuances. Its smoothness and pleasantness of flavours reflect the high concentration of cannabidiol, ensuring a taste that is both powerful and refined.

Benefits and Effects

With a remarkable 50 per cent cannabidiol (CBD) and a THC level of less than 0.5 per cent, Afghan Hash CBD offers marked feel-good effects without psychoactivity. Ideal for those seeking relaxation, stress and pain relief, this hashish works effectively by promoting a deep sense of calm. Its high concentration of CBD makes it particularly suitable for a discerning audience that wants quick and intense therapeutic benefits, while enjoying the authentic look, aroma and taste of a historic product in the legal cannabis market.

Mode of use

Afghan Hash CBD can be consumed in several ways, including tobacco processing, vaping, or use in a bong or water pipe. Its versatility allows intake to be tailored to individual preferences, harnessing its high concentration of CBD for a personalised and satisfying experience.

Storage Tips

To preserve the unique characteristics of Afghan Hash CBD, store in a cool, dry place away from direct light. We recommend the use of airtight containers to maintain flavour and quality over time. These precautions ensure that the hash retains its effectiveness and superior organoleptic properties.

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