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The aroma of this unique legal cannabis mix captures the essence of its component strains, creating a unique and intensely involving olfactory experience. The meeting of the enveloping sweetness of exotic fruits and the lively acidity of citrus fruits generates a perfect balance, enriched by herbaceous and earthy nuances that evoke the image of a walk in the woods. 

This olfactory composition, the result of a careful selection of inflorescences cultivated in Italy according to the strictest organic criteria and without the use of GMOs or heavy metals, offers a product of exceptional quality and originality, becoming a must-have for legal cannabis enthusiasts in search of surprising novelties and flavours that defy expectations.


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Visual Appearance

This legal cannabis mix has a visually appealing appearance, characterised by a luminosity verging on the phosphorescent. The composition of small flowers combined with resin and fine leaflets creates a harmonious and visually rich ensemble. The colour variations, with shades ranging from red to orange, are the result of the different genetics in the mix, while the multi-coloured trichomes add an extra level of attractiveness, making every glance an invitation to discovery.


The aroma of this mix is exceptionally unique and enveloping, a perfect synthesis of the distinctive characteristics of its cannabis strains. The fusion of the seductive sweetness of exotic fruit and the lively acidity of citrus is enriched with herbaceous and earthy notes, evoking the heady scent of the forest. This blend of flavours creates a rich and complex olfactory bouquet, making it an unmistakable and irresistible product.


The flavour of this blend captures the essence of its aromatic profile, offering a fascinating tasting experience that ranges from the intense sweetness of exotic fruits to the refreshing acidity of citrus fruits. Herbaceous and earthy notes complete the taste experience, recalling the authentic flavour of nature and the forest. This combination of flavours makes the mix not only a pleasure for the palate but also a complete and memorable sensory experience.

Benefits and Effects

This legal cannabis mix, thanks to its rich composition of cannabinoids, offers a series of benefits for health and well-being. The non-psychoactivity of CBD emphasises its relaxing and calming effects, ideal for relieving anxiety, pain and promoting deep relaxation. This strain is perfect for those seeking natural relief from everyday ailments, offering a general feeling of well-being and improving sleep quality without the numbing effects typical of THC.

Storage Tips

To preserve the unique qualities of this legal cannabis mix, it is recommended that it be stored in airtight containers in a cool, dry environment away from direct light. This precaution helps to maintain the aroma and taste over time, ensuring that each use is a rich and satisfying sensory experience, just as at the time of purchase.

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