The beneficial properties of CBD also cause positive sexual effects that help to awaken or improve couple life. In this article we see how and why.

The numerous physical and mental benefits make CBD a widely used ingredient in oils, creams, lotions and edibles. The healing properties associated with this active ingredient seem to be accompanied by considerable positive effects related to the sexual sphere. In fact, incorporating products containing cannabidiol has proven to be an excellent natural remedy that can increase sexual desire, improve satisfaction during intercourse and reduce performance anxiety that can hinder and challenge both parties.

What are the effects of CBD on the body?

Cannabidiol is an active ingredient extracted from Cannabis Sativa plants. Numerous studies have demonstrated its multiple healing properties, as well as the beneficial effects associated with the use of CBD products on the human body.

Oils, tisanes and creams containing cannabidiol are increasingly popular products in the wellness industry and are proving, over time, to be incredible natural remedies and analgesics for the treatment of pain. CBD acts, in fact, as a painkiller and anti-inflammatory and, unlike some medicines, causes no particular side effects.

Anti-inflammatory properties make cannabidiol an excellent ally against skin diseases such as acne and psoriasis and skin irritations in general. More and more beauty industries are choosing to integrate this valuable ingredient into major skin care products. CBD is therefore also particularly indicated during dermatological treatments.

Underlying CBD’s therapeutic properties is its proven similarity to endocannabinoids, molecules produced by the endocannabinoid system. The latter is a biological system that connects the brain and the human body, whose task is to maintain homeostasis within organisms. The discovery of the endocannabinoid system is quite recent. Scholars and scientists have wondered about the reasons behind the beneficial effects of Cannabis Sativa on the human body. Research has shown the existence of these molecules – the endocannabinoids – with properties similar to the cannabinoid extracted from hemp.

Hence the biggest discovery: CBD therefore has the ability to positively interact with our endocannabinoid system, regulate processes that are already in place and, if necessary, restore internal balance in the event of imbalances, taking over the functions performed by the endocannabinoids.Certain receptors in the system, when stimulated by specific cannabinoids, are responsible for the sensation of pleasure caused by orgasm or gratifying sexual intercourse.

How CBD can help improve sexual relations

The sexual sphere is an integral part of a couple’s life and one of the factors that most influences satisfaction and affinity between the parties. Feeling totally at ease during intercourse with one’s partner and experiencing a strong sexual desire for him/her is far from obvious. Thoughts, insecurities and worries can in fact directly or indirectly influence even the deepest moments of intimacy.

Some recent studies have pointed to the possibility of exploiting the beneficial properties of cannabidiol to improve sexual relations. Although one cannot yet speak of scientific evidence, due to the low number of research studies, CBD seems to possess important potential in this respect as well.

The use of cannabidiol-based products, such as oils or edibles, proves to be an excellent remedy against anxiety and stress. Using a CBD-based oil before sexual intercourse can help the couple to get in tune, eliminate negative thoughts and worries, and consequently devote all their energy to their partner. Performance anxiety, the fear of never being enough, insecurities about one’s physical appearance, can negatively affect intimate moments. Products containing cannabidiol are a natural tool that can lead, over time, to overcoming these insecurities and achieving incredible results.The intake of cannabidiol products appears to have positive effects on the sensation of pleasure and sensitivity. The presence of CBD increases blood flow to the tissues, relaxes the muscles and promotes the body’s natural lubrication. This last property is very important in case of irritation or burning. During intercourse, skin rubbing can cause pain and skin inflammation. Increased lubrication can provide great relief and consequently improve the feeling of pleasure.

cbd effetti sessuali sulla coppia

Other positive effects of CBD for the couple

The reduction of anxiety and stress and the increased sensitivity and sensation of pleasure are not the only sexual benefits of CBD, however. Indeed, the integration of cannabidiol products into a couple’s routine has proven to be a particularly effective tool in preventing erectile dysfunction.

A reduced blood flow can lead to a man not being in the optimal condition to complete sexual intercourse. In the long run, this can lead to dissatisfaction and, consequently, to general discomfort. Due to its relaxing properties, cannabidiol is able to relax blood vessels, promote blood flow and thus act directly on the cause of erectile dysfunction. The main resulting benefits relate to the possibility of improving stamina during intercourse and, consequently, sexual performance.

Satisfaction and fulfilment influence the rise or fall of libido. Sexual desire is undoubtedly influenced by a myriad of conditions that not only affect the relationship but can be stimulated as a result of taking cannabidiol products.

Scientific studies have demonstrated CBD’s multiple properties as a natural remedy for improving sleep quality. Nervousness and excessive fatigue are among the major causes of cessation of sexual intercourse. Good rest is synonymous with physical and mental health and can greatly influence a couple’s sexual activity.

Can there be any side effects?

Scepticism and insecurity often surround the production of cannabidiol-containing products. The most frequent doubts concern the association of CBD with THC and its dangerous health repercussions. Many people therefore wonder about the potential side effects of CBD products.

First of all, it is important to emphasise the substantial difference between the two active ingredients extracted from hemp. THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis, including anxiety, irritability, insomnia, nausea, vomiting and more. CBD, on the contrary, has no psychotropic consequences and its main properties are associated with medicinal effects.

Despite this, it is good to be aware of the mild side symptoms that may arise following the introduction of edibles or the use of oils and lotions containing the active ingredient. Among the most frequent side effects are stomach upset, general fatigue and loss of appetite. Here it is important to emphasise that side effects vary from body to body and that people may respond differently to different strains of cannabidiol.

However, all CBD-based products remain organic and natural products and undoubtedly have fewer repercussions and side effects than many drugs currently on the market. This is why, especially in recent years, they are proving to be a viable alternative.

Ways of using CBD in sexual life

Anyone wishing to supplement CBD as a natural remedy against stress and nervousness has a wide range of products to choose from. In fact, this market sector is expanding considerably and gaining more and more consumers who care about their physical and mental health and well-being.

Among the body products currently on the market, one can find oils, creams and lotions. Using them before and during sexual intercourse particularly facilitates muscle release, facilitates blood flow, softens the skin and acts directly on the causes of erectile dysfunction. Using a CBD massage lotion or a lubricant infused with cannabidiol during an intimate moment creates a unique atmosphere that increases sexual desire. A lubricant containing cannabidiol usually comes in the form of an oil or gel. The latter, when used during intercourse, disperses endocannabinoids throughout the body, from the brain to the nervous system to the genital areas of men and women, causing all the effects listed above.

Things to know about CBD before you try it

CBD is characterised by proven healing properties but it is always good not to forget some important precautions in order not to run into unwanted problems.

While side effects cause only mild symptoms, the advice is to carefully control intake doses, selecting the amount of the product that suits your needs and your body.

Each person is different and should incorporate a sufficient but never excessive percentage of cannabidiol, taking care never to exceed the dosage indicated on the packaging. The dosage and method of administration are more important than the strain of cannabis used and may influence potential side effects.

Secondly, it is important to always buy verified, quality products.

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