CBD dosage calculation for dogs: rules of administration 

The right CBD dosage for dogs depends on several factors including the size of the dog, the type of product, the CBD concentration and the disorder to be treated. Let’s see how many drops of CBD oil to give your dog and how to manage the administration.

Best CBD oil for cats: tips and dosages

How to choose the best CBD oil for cats and be sure you are doing your pet good? Find out how to find quality products and administer them in the right way.

CBD for cats with anxiety and aggressiveness

CBD is a valuable natural product for alleviating states of anxiety, stress or aggression in cats, taking care of their general well-being. It is a holistic approach, a remedy that rebalances the organism at the root, deep down. It not only calms the animal, it tries to eliminate at body level that imbalance that generates stress.

Dry food with CBD for cats: what to know

CBD dray food for cats is a healthy food that helps you take care of your feline friend’s health in a natural way. It is a useful remedy for alleviating pain, managing stress, improving sleep and protecting the immune system.

CBD for senior dogs

CBD products are also suitable for elderly dogs to help them feel better by relieving both pain and stress conditions. We always recommend consulting your vet before any administration.

CBD oil to treat epilepsy in dogs

CBD oil is a natural treatment to combat epilepsy in dogs and to help them overcome seizure-related disorders. Before administering it to your puppy, however, it is good to understand how it works and with what functions the organism interacts. 

CBD oil for dogs: how and why to use it

Using CBD oil for your dog is the natural solution for treating pain and disease without resorting to aggressive medicines. Animal CBD is as common as human CBD, but these are products with different characteristics that need to be used appropriately.